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Date weekend @ Shambala Festival

I have briefly introduced myself in the ‘about me’ section, but I thought I’d also give you a little more insight into the kind of topic areas that I hope to cover:


I have an amazing 5 year old daughter called Theodora (aka Teddie, Theodorable). She is amazing not only in the sense of a child through a doting parent’s eyes, but because she has overcome some major challenges in her life already, more so than most of us might experience in our lifetime and yet her enthusiasm for life is relentless. Her energy and drive are boundless, and she is my daily inspiration.      On our journey with Teddie we have met lots of lovely families with greater challenges than ours, so I won’t talk too much about her problems, more the valuable things we have learned as a family along the way.

The above of course should not suggest that we don’t have our normal child/parent challenges. Her general and emotional intelligence seems to far surpass mine, to the point that I am often perplexed by my own irrational behaviour, somehow commanded by this (only just turned) 5 year old…


I like having fun. This may be a cliché but life is unpredictable, it is sometimes short, and it is definitely finite so we need to not be afraid to take time out to enjoy it. With that, I try to create and plan as much fun stuff as budget, family and circumstance will allow. Free time with just my partner and/ or with family and friends, is hard to come by get but It is important to me to try and make that happen. As we get older it is easy to prioritise all of the other important daily demands but it I think it is crucial to remind ourselves (and those around us) of who we are outside of the amazing list of multiple tasks that we perform each day, so I will share ideas and inspirations and reviews of our exploits along the way that will hopefully inspire you too in some way, and I would love to hear about yours.

It is my firm intention to stay curious, keep expanding and explore for as long as I can. I travel as often as possible, love going to festivals with, and without kids (I think there is a time and a place for both), listen to all kinds of music, and dance whenever I can. I am a firm believer that you can change your day by just loosing yourself in a song and dancing like no one is watching so I’ll also be sharing a few of my favourite songs for you to dance to in the car, bedroom mirror (or other discreet location) of choice along the way.


Ok so you have been introduced to Theodora, I am also step-mum to two rising teens Maisie and Chela who are 13, and 10 respectively (so many hormones in our house right now!) Their dad, and my wonderful partner is also known as Dan. Dan is annoyingly and naturally quite fit (in both senses). He is I might add, quite a talented sports addict (thus making me a sporting widow) who relishes any opportunity to wear inappropriately tight Lycra. This includes the school run. This is all adds to my motivation for the fitness later section, but before we move on from family I just want to introduce my sisters.

I am the middle sister of three. We are an unusual Irish/ Scandi/ British ‘blend’ which certainly creates a unique energy. My older sister is a globally gallivanting financial whizz, who cannot rest unless she has at least 50 live projects on the go. She is tall, beautiful and has the kind of presence that is hard to miss. She is also mother to my nephew Eskandar, Teddie’s best friend and ‘cousin-brother’. My little sister is young, fun and too likes to gallivant around the world having just returned from several years in NY and Madrid. She too is gorgeous, received all the boob allowance in the family, and is a hugger; she will spot you from 50 meters away and in turn you will see all 5’8” of her galloping towards you for a hug. If you are ever find yourself in this this position, run.

We three are very different, but one of the same. My brother-in-law refers to us as ‘uni-brain’ so it might be difficult for me to not refer to them on here.


Since having Teddie, like most mums my perspective on fashion has changed. Priorities change, available clothing budget changes along with body confidence and shape, meaning that we might choose different cuts and shapes to compensate, but that does not mean that we have to sacrifice our individual style and sense of fun with fashion. So the kind of fashion that I will look at, will perhaps not feature an ‘Herve Leger’ bandage dress any time soon, but it will still be sexy, fun, current, and flattering.

My mum compensations however do not extend to shoes. There are no rules with shoes. I am not opposed to a comfortable flat but I will also buy an unwearable heel just to look at them and imagine places I may never go. I don’t quite get into the same state of arousal with bags but still enjoy them so I’ll cover those too. Jeans are also a passion of mine. Good jeans are a non-negotiable. They can transform your mental state, and therefore essential, so I’ll touch on this area also. My final passion relating to the clothes is gym wear. I have found some really good shapes to wear that can really help support, offer comfort and disguise the ‘Mummy Tummy’ all in one go so look out for my recommendations on these.


I enjoy fitness luckily, because I need fitness. Apart from the need to keep up with Dynamo Dan, I have junk in my trunk. This is fine by me but, my trunk has it’s own maintenance requirements that I just cannot ignore. Apart from the aesthetic results, exercise also helps my mental state. A run can take me from angry and frustrated even a bit down, to calm and rational and more positive in under 30 minutes. Apart from running, I train in the gym, and also practise Aerial Hoop. This is probably my favourite. Aerial hoop a bit like a circular static trapeze, and is more about strength and flexibility than cardio but great for the upper body and core, those post-natal hot spots, and most importantly it’s good fun. I like to do competitions such as marathons and try other sports too as I think its important to mix things up and keep challenging yourself and so as I do this I will share these experiences with you.

Diastasis recti/Abdominal split

Despite my energy and enthusiasm for fitness I still have a perma ‘mummy tummy’. A nice little bump that I have learned to accept perhaps didn’t need to had I received the the right, or indeed any information about post natal physical care at the time of having my daughter, which is why I am keen to share my experiences with you. I have to admit this is rather a frustration of mine. It’s a frustration because its something that could have be prevented or at least managed in a better way. I discovered about 2.5 years after Teddie was born that I had a condition called a ‘diastasis recti’ also known as an abdominal split or separation. Now this is actually a very common problem suffered by many women postnatally in varying degrees. I will go into this topic in more detail in my next blog, but very simply it is when your front set of stomach muscles (rectus abdominis) don’t knit back together post pregnancy, causing that mummy tummy bulge (that will go away no matter how many stomach exercises you do!), and also potentially leading to other physiological problems. There are lots of things that you can do to promote the healing of this condition, and also lots of things not to do, particularly some key exercises that will actually and make the condition worse. I think it is so important for any expectant mum to be informed, aware and mindful of this when having their baby. As mums and parents, we rightfully put the welfare of our babies and family first but I think it is really important to not forget, or to feel bad about taking the right care of ourselves too and will also talk about some of the best ways to do this.

Okay, I hope that that gives you a brief idea of the kind of areas that I will cover, and that you have a good sense of who I am, and most of all that it interests you.

I would love to hear from you at any time with feedback, extra info that you may like to share, or request for new topics to cover.

I look forward to talking to you again soon,


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