Top 5 places to eat in Ibiza with kids

The Jockey Club

On holiday, unless you are super organised and know exactly where you are heading, it can be a pretty stressful affair when trying to organise family meals. Finding suitable food in foreign surroundings is one challenge, ensuring the restaurant is child friendly and physically set-up to accommodate is another. These days we do have the trusty Trip Advisor to provide some indication, it doesn’t quite beat discovering through personal recommendation or stumbling upon a treasure yourself (that romantic notion you have in mind before setting out for an unplanned meal with hungry kids …). The below list is a mixture of the above two, which I hope will help you to at least get you on your way before making (and sharing I hope) your own wonderful discoveries and recommendations.

Passion Café

There are 6 in this group of these café’s and shops on the island but I like head to the one in Santa Eularia. This is my most favourite place to graze, night and day. Their focus is very much on vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic and raw cuisine, but they also accommodate those who need a little meat in their life, and they make the most amazing juices and smoothies. One trip there after a late night, and all is forgiven.

El Chiringuito

Is on Es Cavallet beach. This is a great place to have lunch and hang out with the kids. They have a play area, and an arts and crafts area that is often manned by CRB checked nannies, who are happy to entertain your little ones at no extra cost. The entertainment for grown-ups is good too, as this is a great place for celeb spotting or just general people watching. There is often a DJ playing and it is always quite busy and full of life. It is very easy to while away an afternoon here. The food is good, the drinks are great – a little on the expensive side, and the service is a little ‘Fawtly Towers’ so some patients required, but definitely worth a visit. I’d view it more as a nice treat than grabbing lunch. The beach is also beautiful here so you can roll out of the restaurant after lunch and bathe in the sun, or more likely be summoned for sandcastle duty. I’d definitely slap a bit of mascara on for this one, ‘beach fresh/ au naturel’ is all very well until you see George Clooney swanning past..

The Jockey Club

Is just around the corner, and a little further along the coast at Las Salinas Beach. There are a couple of bar/restaurants on this beach, but the Jockey Club is an old favourite of mine. It’s a very laid back beach club, where you can rock up and take a bed for the day on the beach or just have lunch in your bikini of you wish, it really doesn’t matter here. There menu is Mediterranean, and they have a good mixture of main meals, salads and snacks They also do a great brunch should you choose to arrive before 11am in order to have a good chance of  getting a sunbed. It is so close to the airport here that it has become quite a ritual if we have a day flight, to come straight here and order the Gambas al ajillo (garlic prawns) and a glass of ice cold of Ibizan rosé, whilst sinking into the familiar beats of their soundtrack. It’s at that moment we know that we’ve arrived and left the UK far behind us. Many of the larger club nights hold their promotional parades on this beach which can be quite a spectacle to watch, although you might need to cover the hubby’s/ kid’s eyes on occasion as there are an abundance of  glittery thongs on show.

La Olivia

Is a great little restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine, tucked away on the cobbled streets of the Old Town in Ibiza. Ibiza town is a great place to explore, but the Old Town (D’alt Vila) provides a nice sanctuary, from the hustle and bustle of the main shopping area and safe and secure with the children, yet there is still plenty of action to see. The journey to this restaurant, through the old drawbridge and into the fortified citadel is quite magical, and the kids will be enchanted by the history they can see here. Do book to avoid disappointment in high season, it does get very busy here.

Macao cafe in Santa Gertrudis.

This is an Italian family restaurant not too far from Santa Eularia, more centrally located in the village of Santa Gertrudis. This is a lovely little village to visit and explore before dinner. It has a more traditional atmosphere and is a welcome change form the busier seaside resorts. The restaurant, although quite simple in style, is vibrant, warm and welcoming towards families. There is also children’s play area for a little post-dinner entertainment.

I have many other recommendations for restaurants, but tried to stick to my top 5. I would love you to share any of your favourites, and share mine if you found useful.

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