Top 5 beaches to go to in Ibiza with kids

Sunset at Benirras Beach

There are many beautiful beaches in Ibiza, but here are a few of my favourites that are easy to visit with kids.

Salinas Beach (Playa de Ses Salinas)

This beach is on the south coast, 5 minutes from the airport, 10 minutes from Playa D’en Bossa and about 15 minutes from Ibiza Town.  This is my favourite people watching place, and has a great mix of young couples, families and Ibizan retirees. I have spent many a day with just my 5 year old, and also with my two ‘tweenie’ stepdaughters and have had an equally great time. There about 4 bars and restaurants here (my favourite is The Jockey Club), all playing the usual (and wonderful) Ibizan soundtrack. You don’t get a wild crowd here. There is fun, music and a great energy here too, but it is all very civilized and feels very safe with the children, and there are lots of local and tourist families on this beach. The beach is soft golden sand, with a beautiful pine tree lined entrance, and there are plenty of pedalo’s and inflatable items to hire should the kids desire.

Es Cavallet beach (Playa Es Cavallet)

Just 2 minutes around the corner, before the turning for Salinas Beach is Es Cavallet It has beautiful golden sand, surrounded by rolling sand dunes, pine trees and wildlife, and is much quieter than its counterparts in Playa d’en Bossa and Salinas. It’s popular with the gay crowd, and was (and still is) one of Ibiza’s first naturist beaches, so the kids may experience the giggles now and again, but other than a few very evenly tanned over 60’s, there is very little to shock I promise. You may even decide to go with the flow.The south end of the beach is considered more popular with the naturists, and the north end and more family friendly, although I think it’s all pretty friendly and would definitely recommend a visit. Do take some supplies if you don’t fancy a restaurant lunch. El Chiringuito restaurant is fabulous, but not cheap. If you are planning to eat there I would advise booking ahead. The other main restaurant on the beach is La Escollera. You probably don’t need to book for lunch here. Again it’s not cheap, but does serve great paella and fresh locally grown food, and the view is just amazing.

Cala d’Hort

Is a little further round and up the west coast (about 20 minutes from from Ibiza Town and San Antonio) Access to this requires a short walk down a steep hill, but is definitely worth the effort. With it’s beautiful crescent shaped beach, wonderful view, and shallow sea shelf that edges into the bluest of waters, it’s just great for kids. The most spectacular part however is the view of the rock ‘Es Vedra’. This is a giant limestone rock formation that juts out of the water, creating a mini (uninhabited) island, is surrounded by local tales of myth and legend. Food and drinks are available but not amazing so it might be worth bringing a few supplies.

Mariners Beach (Playa des Riu de Santa Eulalia)

This is the main beach along the front in Santa Eularia. It’s perfect for families, as it is clean, has soft golden sand and there are lots of service facilities in the immediate proximity (bars, shops, restaurants, Ice cream sellers etc). It’s easily accessible and doesn’t get too busy. It reminds me of a more traditional Spanish seaside holiday resort,  but that is quite a nice change from other beaches on the island, plus there is the elegant marina to explore at the end of the promenade. So if you are staying in Santa Eularia and fancy staying local for the day this is a great spot to hang out. My favourite place to eat here is the Passion Cafe which is just on the seafront.

Benirras Beach (Cala Benirras)

Is the perfect place to watch the sunset. Sunday’s are popular with local hippies who gather to drum and dance as the sun sinks from the sky; it is really quite magical to witness. It is not just the preserve of sunsets and rise’s, it is also a great place to spend the afternoon. The beach is quite the hideaway as it is naturally protected from the elements. There is little wind and the water is still, and crystal clear. If you fancy something less formal (and more affordable) than a restaurant for lunch, there is small bar, that serves takeaway pizza and beer to enjoy picnic style on your beach towel. There is also a restaurant called Elements, which serves great food. This is actually a nice place to have dinner once the sun has set, but not on Sundays with kids as it is their party night. Do book ahead for dinner. There is also a small hippy market there too. If you do head there to watch the sunset – make sure you check your times, as it is a small journey from most resorts, and you don’t want to miss it (as I have done on a few occasions).

There are many other beautiful beaches to discover and explore. We have driven all along the coast heading east from Santa Eularia, up to the north-east of the Island,  from Ibiza Town west, all the way up to San Antonio, just beach and town hopping and discovering. I would very much recommend hiring a car in Ibiza, for all, if not some of the time. It’s such a small place yet with such a lot to see, and such a variation in experience within a small proximity that I would be afraid to miss out! We do have friends who spend 2 weeks in the same resort in the north-east every year and have a truly relaxing time, and I wish I could do that, but I can’t. I’m way too curios.

What to wear:  

A quick note here for the mum’s re swimwear. For the majority I can imagine a squirmy facial reaction at the mere mention of a two-piece bikini. But I have to tell you that everywhere you go in Ibiza the women young and old wear Brazilian bottom bikinis (the ones that offer a more modest coverage on your bottom cheeks). At first I wasn’t sure, but I can only promise you that these bikinis do wonders for your bum. They of course allow for better tanning, but the shape is really flattering and makes even the largest of bottoms look peachy. If you haven’t already I would invest in at least one pair of bottoms before you go. Always worth a try, and far more flattering than our fuller- bottomed British brief!


We are not shy of enjoying ourselves and often take the more luxurious beds for the day, which in Ibiza can be anywhere from 20 to 70 euros per day, per bed. If travelling with the full brood, as a family of 5 with two tweenies (who now need a bed each) it becomes a little too expensive to do on a daily basis, so we now happily purchase a few parasols (a discreet spiderman one for Teddie of course), and make sure we take our large beach sheets, chuck them in the car and make camp on the quieter beaches. Beaches in Ibiza are public, so even the fanciest of beach bars have to allow you to park right next to them, which is quite handy as you can still enjoy a fancy cocktail and some cool music, whilst relaxing on the sand (and cringing under your ‘we ♥ Ibiza’ umbrella).

There are many beautiful and different beaches to explore, and I hope that this gets you on you way to your own discovery. Please do let me know of your own hidden treasures, and how you got on at any of the above.

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