Fashion: Summer swimwear – One-piece or not to not to one-piece?

DVF belted striped swimsuit, £190 LLisa Marie Fernandez, Arden ruffled one-shoulder stretch -crepe swimsuit, £380, Net-a-Porter Zara printed swimsuit with bow, £25.99 Zara printed swimsuit with bow, £25.99 Stella McCartney wrap side-tie swimsuit, £175, Harrods J.Crew one-shoulder one-piece swimsuit in classic Navy stripe, £130.00 Seafolly block party v-neck-swimsuit, £95, Beach Cafe Seafolly block party v-neck-swimsuit, £95, Beach Cafe Heidi Klein Nautical swimsuit

Summer is coming (hurrah!) and like always at this time of year I find myself scouring online retail in search of the ultimate swimwear solution. You know – the one that makes your bum miraculously lift from halfway down the back of your legs, flattens your tummy and makes your boobs look like the perky, 20-year-old ones they once were.

I’m sad to say that I’ve yet to source that miracle, but always manage to find a gem or two that allow me the confidence to bare all (or at least a tiny section of flesh) on the beach.

`The beach is not my most confident place. I absolutely love being there – just not the semi-naked part. I wasn’t blessed with boobs. This area did show some signs of development after having a baby, but did the rest. I have therefore stopped looking at my bum (so that no longer counts). The area that troubles me most is the ever-present ‘mummy tummy’.

I try to keep as fit as possible but have accepted that unless I go for a tummy tuck, it is what it is. Don’t get me wrong it’s not super bad, it’s just my personal bug bare (so I’ll stop moaning right there).

Although disliking my mid-rift for years, I have persevered with a bikini; terrified of becoming too ‘mumsy’ or frumpy and moderately concerned that the colour would drain from my partners face if I suddenly whipped out a one-piece swimsuit.

However there is good news. One-pieces are back. Not only are they back, they are ‘sexy’. With low fronts, missing bits, and moderate bum coverage, there is truly something for everyone. Young, cool women are actually wearing them, and they look great (whoop!).

After much deliberation, I made a purchase. I now own a one-piece swimsuit, and most importantly, I love it. To be precise I actually now own two because I liked it so much that I bought the same one if a different colour. It was a risk,  as ordering from the US in slightly confusing US sizing, but it was a risk worth taking because it’s been years since I have felt this confident in swimwear.

I haven’t quite revealed them to the other half yet, but fingers crossed my overwhelming confidence and happiness will shine through the lack of tummy exposure, and I’ll just dazzle him with my other bits…

Below are the two purchased so far, the are from J.Crew UK online store. The leopard print tie-back was £120.00, and the classic ‘vivid flame and ivory’ stripe was £130.00.

These are not the cheapest suits around, but they will last for years and I know if I like them, I’ll end up wearing them for most of my waking hours on holiday, plus if something gives you confidence and makes you happy then in my eyes it’s worth every penny.

Okay so the above costumes suit my small chest and curvy bum, here are a few more ideas to suit all shapes and sizes:

This suit below by Diane Von Furstenberg has a neat belt around the midsection which is very flattering and really enhances the waist and helps to create a more curvy, hourglass look, particularly great if you have quite a straight up and down or athletic physique.

Here are some other examples of how a pattern, or belt can create that illusion, or help disguise some of your least confident areas:

Here are some great high street one-piece swimsuit options from H&M, and Zara

Seafolly is a great go-to swimwear brand.  They always have a great selection of bikinis, beach dresses, wraps and one-piece swimsuits. Here are two flattering one piece designs from their SS18 collection, available online at Beach Cafe:

And day to night..this is costume a great to throw a pair of shorts over, and wear as a body suit for lunch, dinner or dancing…

LLisa Marie Fernandez, Arden ruffled one-shoulder stretch -crepe swimsuit, £380, Net-a-Porter
Lisa Marie Fernandez, Arden ruffled one-shoulder stretch -crepe swimsuit, £380, Net-a-Porter


I hope that you  have found some great swimwear inspo here! There really are some fantastic one piece options available in most high street stores, and I would definitely recommend trying at least one this summer if you are yet to convert.

Good luck on your search, and thank you for taking the time to read.

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