Playlists: The Ultimate Wedding Reception

Wedding music

Click the link below and be taken through to the perfect wedding party playlist, created by me, for you, on Spotify. I absolutely love wedding party music, it is always so happy and full of wonderful energy, so even if you are not getting married, have a listen, have a dance and brighten your day! […]

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Playlists: Nottinghill Carnival

Nottinghill Carnival

Summer is definitely on its way! As are the many festivals and carnivals that the summer months bring. The sunshine always makes me think of festivals and music, and  one of my favourite festivals is Nottinghill Carnival, full of amazing music, costume and dance. Here is a just a selection of some of the amazing […]

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Fun: 40 things to do in your 40th Year


The Big 4-0. Ordinarily, I get quite embarrassed when it comes to birthdays.  I usually make very little noise about the whole affair.  This year however is a big one, the last one I think I’ll really feel like shouting about: I am going to be 40 year’s old. Forty, 40, four-tee (writing that felt like […]

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