Fashion: Back to school (run): what to wear?

Whistles striped 'Merci' Sweatshirt

Going back to, or joining for the first time the masses on the daily school run can be a daunting time not only for the kids, but also the parents. I think men take a more laid back approach, but I certainly know at my kids school that there are always those mums that seem to pull off looking fabulous on a daily basis. They breeze by with 5 kids ranging from o to 11, two under each arm, one breastfeeding, all looking pristine, with full hair and make up done plus a smart casual look that would work for the finest lunch date. I on the other hand, can normally be seen trying to get away with some kind of athleisure wear ensemble. Really, if I went to the gym as often as my looks would suggest I would be giving Kayla Itsines a run for her money.

I am convinced that athleisure wear has become the new pyjamas and that there are women everywhere doing as I do. Well, if so i’m calling you out! No more gym leggings unless there is exercise to follow. Creating a good capsule wardrobe of some easy to wear, but smart basics is key to rocking your fabulous, glamorous playground self.


Its only just September and I have already switched mindset to my usual winter palette of grey, navy and black, but it’s great to throw in a few flashes of animal print or red which seems o be readily available this season in shoes and accessories. Here are a few of the gems I have spotted so far store or online…(hover over image for full product info).

I hope that you have liked some of these items. What do you like to wear on the school run? Any tips for looking fabulous on the fly?

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