About me

My name Is Kerry, and 5 years ago I became mum to the wonderful Theodora ( aka Teddie or Theodorable). As a result of personal experience in the journey that followed I have decided to make it my mission to encourage mums to take the right care of themselves postnatally, and to develop and understanding of what that care might look like. I have learned some invaluable insights which although simple can really make a difference in the way we approach physical care for ourselves, which in turn improves care for our new babies and families, which I will happily share.

OK, so that’s my more serious mission covered. Apart from my gorgeous daughter, two step daughters and (quite hunky) partner Dan, there are a few other passions in my life: I am a shoe loving, fashion-junkie with a serious dose of wanderlust. Generally, I just like having fun, and by fun I mean taking time to enjoy life. For me it’s all about creating happy ‘end-goals’. Regardless of how complex and demanding life can be I make a conscious effort to plan time with my partner, family and friends to extract from the day to day, and reset. Although very different for each of us – my idea of fun includes travel, going to festivals, hearing great music, dancing as much as possible, eating good food and enjoying great company.

My clothing desires extend to my daughter – whom I fully admit to living vicariously through (mostly in the fashion sense – same thrill, cheaper outfits).

Fitness keeps me sane, and I try do lots of different activities to keep me healthy and in-shape, these include everything from running, gym training, to aerial circus and skiing. I am no expert, but will gladly share with you the key things I have learned about training postnatally, particularly the immediate what not to do’s to give yourself the best chance of healing long term.

I might be going through a minor ‘I’m 40 next year’ crisis so if I am honest, any beauty things that I may try and share will most likely be related to anti-ageing or youth restoration.

My daughter had a number of complications at birth and a long stay in hospital that followed. This led to a quite a different experience of motherhood. At the very least you certainly acquire a different set of skills to the the ones they teach you at NCT, so although niche I may touch on this topic sometimes.

And finally, at some point (current engagement status: 4 years) I may become a moderate bridezilla. I have a background in marketing and event planning and this tends to filter into my personal life so my wedding planning will be painful, extensive and a touch ridiculous, but I will not be shy of sharing.

So that’s a quick summary of me.

I am always happy to hear feedback and cover any topics you might like.

I hope you enjoy this blog