A guide to travelling to Ibiza with kids

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Why Ibiza 

I first fell in love with Ibiza in the late 90’s and have been a regular visitor ever since. What began as a pilgrimage to the island of Balearic beats for all night dancing, slowly evolved into detox retreats and now wonderful holidays with my family (although grandma permitting, I do still manage steal the odd long weekend with my other half).

Ibiza is a seductive place, full of youth, energy, and life, and yet passes no judgement on age itself. Music is the heartbeat of the Island. Wherever you go there is an unmistakable beat in the background, that commands a very cool rhythm of life and an inescapably infectious spirit.

Families in Ibiza

Ibiza caters really well for families. There are resorts that cater for those who just wish to crash and lie still for a week, but also plenty do to for those who like to explore. There is a small fear amongst those yet to venture there that it is the preserve of the UK’s finest 18 to 30’s clubbers ‘avin it large’. Whilst I can’t deny that this happens, I can only reassure that it happens in isolated areas, and would just advise just to avoid these unless seeking the ‘full Ibiza’ experience. Simply head to one of the many cool restaurants, boutique hotels hotels or beautiful beaches to swim in crystal blue waters, and feel a world away from the nearest foam party.

You may get a sense that there are some who have frequented the island on many occasions over the past 20 or 30 years. The grown-up children of 90’s house music, who now have a little more cash (but maybe not so much dash) as they once did. These days preferring an all-day yoga session to an all-night dance session, and a green smoothie over a vodka Redbull. They are ‘experience–driven’ parents. Still themselves wanting to listen to the ever-present Ibiza sound and take in the sights, but also wanting their children to feel the sense of love, liberation and energy that they enjoyed (but in a child friendly, safe environment of course).

Fortunately, there is now a plethora of companies to cater for this. Whether it be a very cool beach club with a crèche and CRB checked entertainment on hand, or nannies available for hire by the day to entertain on the beach, or all-inclusive hotels that are a little more cool and design led, Ibiza certainly offers more than that the traditional family holiday destination. Mum and dad can feel like they’ve still got it, and the kids genuinely get to have fun.

Ibiza’s interest in families is of course not new. Families have always holidayed in Ibiza, long before the emergence of the popular nightlife destinations, in the more traditional resorts where the beaches are just as beautiful and the views equally breathtaking as there larger counterparts, and where there is accommodation and entertainment to suit all tastes and budgets.

When to go

Ibiza attracts a wonderful mixture of (amongst many others I’m sure..) Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Scandi’s, Russian’s, American’s and of course Brit’s. European holidays times differ to the UK’s so you will find different concentrations of people at different times. Personally, would avoid the end of July/ first two weeks of August as this is when Radio One and many other British events are hosted and they attract quite an excitable crowd, plus it’s just super hot and busy. If in the summer holidays I would do the first or last week, or my favourite time – if restricted by school would be the May half-term. Otherwise I would head there in mid-June or September when things are a little quieter and more relaxed, but there is still plenty going on.

What is the crowd like

Ibiza has always attracted the fun party people, the laid back hippies and travellers, health conscious yogi’s, musician’s, and creatives’s. In recent years however, Ibiza has also become quite an attraction with the worlds super rich and famous, with newly developed glamorous marinas created to accommodate the accompanying mega-yachts. What was once the small, sweet Island of peace, love and dance, has now evolved. If anything, this at least makes for interesting people watching.


Ibiza is a truly beautiful place with something to interest and entertain everyone, and I urge you to explore. On the note of exploring, I would highly recommend hiring car for all if not part of your holiday – we have always used BK Car Rental, (always take the full insurance) and had a great experience.

Please see in the links below, all the info that you will need to get you going on a family holiday in Ibiza. Please don’t forget to share, and please do let me know of your favourite things that you did with your family in Ibiza.

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